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Table of Contents

December: The Dark Side of the Moon

Science gives us an untarnished view of the unknown.

  • Journey to the Other Side
  • Looking at the Bright Side
  • A Moon Story
  • Seeing in the Dark
January: Newton's Moon

Awe and wonder are now a measured reality.

  • Heavenly Spheres
  • A Tale of Two Books
  • Illuminating the Night
  • Apples and Cannonballs
  • A Universal Truth
February: A Piece of the Moon

The improbable story of moon rocks.

  • Choosing the Moon
  • The Rise and Fall of the Saturn V
  • The Last Man on the Moon
  • Expensive Rocks
  • The Greatest Event in History
March: Forever Spring

The legend of the Moon and the never-ending cycle of seasons.

  • The Lost Name of the Moon
  • Strawberries and Honey
  • A Matter of Degrees
  • Almost Twins
  • A Goddess Returns
April: The Eternal Sentinel

The Moon’s epic journey through time and civilization.

  • Moon Watchers
  • The Time of the Moon
  • The Missing Days
  • By the Clock
  • The Dawn of Time
May: The Mystic Warrior

The secret battle between the Sun and the Moon.

  • The Case of the Mysterious Duel
  • Above and Below
  • Ex Luna Scientia
  • A Study in Rock
  • The Moon Electric
June: Looking for a Sign

The Moon foretells of a harmonious destiny.

  • Lunar Navigation
  • Sisterhood of the Moon
  • When the Moon Ate the Sun
  • The Celestrial Encyclopedia
  • The Age of Aquarius
July: Real Lunacy

How fear and ignorance can create an illusion.

  • Moonstruck
  • A Moon by Any Other Name ...
  • The Gothic Moonrise
  • A Bump in the Night
  • The Confounding Seas
August: The Leap of Faith

How going to the Moon changed religion and how it didn’t.

  • A Spiritual Bond
  • The Stretch of Reality
  • According to Science
  • Of Heaven and Earth
September: Alien Moons

The moons of sci-fi reveal a truth stranger fiction.

  • Moons to Spare
  • Panic and Dread
  • Last on the Moon
  • Robots of Mars
  • Fictional Worlds
October: Beyond the Moon

How the Moon shapes our chances of finding alien life.

  • The Symbol of Intelligence
  • Life on the Moon
  • The Missing Civilizations
  • The Rare Moon Hypothesis
Novenber: Children of the Moon

The secret origin of everything.

  • The Original Origin
  • A Broken Moon
  • States of Life
  • Dancing by the Moonlight
December: A Message from the Moon

Words of wisdom from far away.

  • Peace and Goodwill
  • Nixon on the Moon
  • For All Humanity
  • The Silvery Grey Dot
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Secrets of the Moon is an enthusiastic science book that is filled with interesting information about the moon and how it impacts life on Earth. ... Secrets of the Moon boasts a wealth of knowledge about Earth’s heavenly neighbor and human efforts to understand it. ... Osiow is an effective evangelist for the Moon, positioning it as no mere minor planetary body, but a place that is special and that should be treasured more than it already is.
I found The Secrets of the Moon to be a fascinating book filled with the many attributes of the moon. I enjoyed how Andrew Osiow integrated so much information about the moon into related categories by separating the book into four parts representing the seasons. I enjoyed reading familiar facts about the moon, while also learning new facts like the origin of the phrase blue moon, and how a solar eclipse effected the outcome of a war not once but twice! There was so many interesting facts about the moon, I found myself completely engrossed in the book and couldn’t put it down!
...This will appeal to those intrigued by the legends, superstitions, and effects linked to the moon as Andrew Osiow explores two major narratives - looking at the moon in terms of our survival and viewing it as a multifaceted cornerstone. The contents are organized by month with each section exploring various themes and incorporating legends. Woven throughout are facts about the moon such as that it wobbles, that Russia beat the U.S. to it, that a harvest moon can last for days, and that there are seas on the moon.I personally never knew much about the truth behind the moon and how it influences our daily lives. Osiow perfectly integrates interesting and multifaceted facts with the truth behind the moon and additional astrology/astronomy books. Highly recommend this read for individuals interested in our moon and its history/nature. ...
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Andrew Osiow

Andrew Osiow was born in Yorkshire England and grew up on a farm before immigrating to the United States at the age of 10. Equally interested in technology and art, he has worked in the computer graphic entertainment industry for most of his career. A chance opportunity to teach allowed him to discover the true gift of teaching is learning from his students. An admitted sci-fi nerd, he enjoys the wealth of ideas that came from the golden age of science fiction that coincidentally ran straight through the Apollo Moon era. Although young at the time, He’s proud to have some early memories of the first time we went to the Moon.

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Secrets of the Moon

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